De La Salle College

Year 7 Transition

The step from primary to secondary school for many students and their families can be daunting. Students are now part of a much bigger school community where they are confronted with many new challenges.

They need to cope with:

  • a large student population
  • a wider range of subjects
  • new teachers
  • a new timetable
  • travelling on public transport
  • making new friends
  • a greater demand on being organised and independent.

For these reasons a Transition Program in Year 7 has been implemented, providing an excellent foundation for students to commence their secondary schooling.

Preparing for Year 7

Year 6 Interviews

A key part of our transition process is our Year 6 interview program, where all Year 7 applicants and their families are invited to the College during their Year 6 year to meet with a key member of staff.

These interviews enable the College to ascertain important information about each student, such as what his strengths and weaknesses are, if he knows anyone else coming to De La Salle, what sort of co-curricula pursuits he is interested in etc. This information is critical in our Class Mentor Group (formally known as Homeroom) placement process and enables us to get to know the students as individuals before they start.

The interview is also an excellent opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the main student services office and to make a connection with a senior staff member.

Orientation Day

In the year prior to entry into Year 7, an Orientation Day is held at the College. Students meet their teachers and new classmates and are able to familiarise themselves with the new surroundings as well as hear talks from key staff members about important school issues. By partaking in our Orientation Day students feel less overwhelmed about starting Year 7 and gain a sense of anticipation for the year ahead.

Settling into Year 7

Staff resources and structure

Each class group is linked to a Class Mentor (formally know as Homeroom Teacher) who provides the necessary support to every student. The Class Mentor teaches their Mentor Group in at least one subject. This allows teachers to form meaningful relationships with their students, and helps students transition from the primary years where they have one teacher for the core curriculum.

With assistance from the College Counsellor, the Year 7 Coordinator provides support to the Class Mentor and every Year 7 student. They deal with the day-to-day issues associated with life in Year 7 and are located in the Year 7 building so they are easily accessible to all Year 7 students.

Our Camp Program

During Term 1 each Class Mentor Group participates in a camp program together. The camp runs for three nights and four days at Jan Juc on Victoria’s Surf Coast. The camp provides students with a great opportunity to develop friendships and participate in a range of exciting outdoor adventure activities. Parents are invited to a family barbecue at the completion of their son’s camp, giving them the chance to meet key staff and other Year 7 families in a relaxed atmosphere and share in their son’s camp experience.