The wellbeing of each student is of utmost importance at De La Salle. The College aims to provide an environment in which students are encouraged to reach their full potential and where students, staff and parents experience an atmosphere of mutual respect, co-operation and support.

We create this environment by appointing specialised staff with a focus on student wellbeing and careers and pathways. Our Year 7 Transition Program provides excellent foundations, and we encourage growth through the emphasis we place on student leadership. Importantly, our regular opportunities for faith development allow all students to explore their Christian understanding and commitment.


The purpose of our House system is to assist in the development of strong, positive relationships between students and staff. Relationships can be built and strengthened through activity or experiences with a common purpose. Houses help create a sense of belonging and identity for students within the College.

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Student Wellbeing

Fundamental to our Lasallian tradition is the concern for each and every student’s wellbeing. Ensuring a safe, respectful and enriching environment is the responsibility of all members of the College community. College Psychologists The College Psychologists support the mission, vision and … visit this page »

Student Leadership

We pride ourselves on the vast array of opportunities we give our students to actively participate in leadership. We acknowledge that leadership takes on many forms and is a skill that needs nurturing. As students move through the College their … visit this page »

Faith and Mission

De La Salle College is a Catholic School for boys, in the Lasallian Tradition. As a College community, we stand firmly within a Christian interpretation of life and faith. We respect the religious affiliation of all members of the community … visit this page »

Year 7 Transition

The step from primary to secondary school for many students and their families can be daunting. Students are now part of a much bigger school community where they are confronted with many new challenges. They need to cope with: a … visit this page »