De La Salle College

Years 7 & 8

Years 7 and 8 are an exciting time to be at De La Salle College. As students make new friends, face adolescent challenges and explore academic and co-curricular pursuits, we work hard to ensure their time at school is a safe and rewarding experience.

Year 7

Filled with excitement and apprehension, Year 7 is a year of transition. Our priority at this stage is to establish a sense of belonging, community and responsibility.


We celebrate and experience the idea of community through our Outdoor Education program, and live it in our liturgies and assemblies. Participation is encouraged inside and outside the classroom, and the boys then join each other in celebrating their own and others’ achievements.


Belonging to the Lasallian tradition means:

  • developing an awareness of what has gone before us
  • beginning to understand our place in the world and with those around us
  • developing behaviours that put our faith into actions.

Our strong tradition in Mission Action Day is an example of our actions.


The Lasallian tradition, ‘we are brothers to each other’, is a very real expression of our responsibility to one another. Student to student, teacher to student, we cooperate and build on our collective goals related to learning and living.

Year 7 Transition Program

The step from primary to secondary school for many students and their families can be quite daunting. Students are now part of a much bigger school community where they are confronted with many new challenges.

For this reason a Year 7 Transition Program has been implemented, providing an excellent foundation for students to commence their secondary schooling.

Learn all about the Year 7 Transition Program here.

Year 8

Year 8 has evolved in recent times as a year of enormous change and challenge for many young men. As new distractions compete for students’ attention, we take an approach that centres on firmness, consistency and kindness.

Students in Year 8 are encouraged to:

  • make good choices
  • respect all people in the De La Salle College and wider communities
  • continue the great tradition of the College by upholding a high standard of conduct, dress and behaviour.

The challenges of Year 8 are addressed through personal development programs such as Rock and Water. This builds on the anti-bullying program of Year 7; improving self-esteem, confidence and resilience among the students. Getting involved in new and interesting pursuits can also smooth the sometimes-rocky ride. To this end, we encourage participation in our range of co-curricula activities.

Year 8 Personal Development – the Rock and Water Program

The Rock and Water program is an important part of the Year 8 Personal Development curriculum.

The program is built on the following foundations:

  • self-control; where boys learn to control and focus their energy
  • self reflection and evaluation; where boys are challenged to think about their own acts and their impact
  • self-confidence; which flows from the prior foundations, where the boys are empowered to say, ‘I know what I am capable of and what I want’.

How does the program work?

Students undertake a series of structured activities to build resilience and channel their physical and emotional energies in a positive, constructive manner.

The physical nature of the program directly appeals to boys’ boundless energy. It taps into this force in a way that makes them aware of the power they have to influence and direct events around them.

Rock and Water teaches boys to listen to their ‘inner voice’ as well as the opinions of others. It teaches boys to effectively manage peer pressure which they may be confronted with on their journey to adulthood.

In short, the program presents them with ways to:

  • know themselves and fulfil their true potential
  • feel good about who they are
  • create positive, worthwhile goals for themselves.

When does the program take place?

Each homeroom participates in the program for one semester, one period a cycle (fortnight).

Years 7 & 8 Core Subjects

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History & Geography
  • Health and Physical Education
  • LOTE – both French and Italian in Year 7; students then select one in Year 8
  • Drama & Music
  • Art & Design and Technology Studies
  • Immersion & sport
  • Literacy Support – if needed

Years 7 and 8 Co-Curricula Activities

Students in Years 7 and 8 embrace our rich co-curricula program which covers sport, performing arts, social justice and much more. It’s important to note that from Year 7, students compete in the Associated Catholic Colleges sporting competition, which is timetabled into the school week. This means no Saturday morning sport, freeing up our athletic students to participate in local club competitions should they choose.

Learn more with the Curriculum Handbook

To learn more about the learning and teaching arrangements for Years 7 and 8, we strongly encourage you to view or download the Curriculum Handbook.