De La Salle College

Years 4 – 6 (Primary)

De La Salle College primary is a unique educational setting in which one Year 4 class, one Year 5 class and one Year 6 class operate individually, with regular collaborative learning under the watchful eyes of their three dedicated class teachers.

With around 75 students in total, it’s a family environment where teachers form close bonds with their own students as well as students in the other years. Our primary students benefit from this secure and stable setting.

From here, they can then take advantage of the many wonderful opportunities that come from being part of the large De La Salle community, including participation in co-curricula activities, social justice initiatives and accessing the secondary college facilities. Primary students are located on Tiverton Campus and have access to all its facilities, as well as those at Kinnoull (under teacher supervision).

Our vision

Our vision in primary school is to nurture the individual student through a cooperative, collective approach. We use a range of appropriate educational methods including individual tutoring, group work and whole class instruction. Our philosophy that ‘everybody has a go, no matter what their ability’ enables our boys to explore and reach their potential.

Part of this exploration includes the students’ faith development and we give all primary students the opportunity to participate in the College Sacramental Program.

Students come to De La Salle College in Year 4 from varied backgrounds, suburbs and educational experiences. We view their primary years as a three-year journey. By graduation, we will have provided the skills for them to become independent, capable and responsible young men, ready to take on the challenges of Year 7 and secondary college life.


The Primary Department operates in a similar fashion to a parish primary school, having a broad-based curriculum with subjects and content relevant to each student’s stage of development. What makes us different is that students also have access to the facilities and specialist teachers in the secondary college, greatly enhancing their learning experience.

In addition to the core curriculum, specialist staff teach all primary students:

  • Italian
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Music
  • Library
  • Band
  • Physical Education.

All primary students have the opportunity to be supported by staff in the Mary MacKillop Enhancement Centre.

Learn more with the Curriculum Handbook

To learn more about the teaching and learning arrangements for Years 4 – 6, please view or download the handbook on the Curriculum Handbook page.

Co-curricula Activities


Through our instrument program all primary students learn a musical instrument (at no additional cost to parents), with all Year 5 and 6 students rehearsing and performing as part of an ensemble. Students also have the opportunity to take private music tuition.


We have an extensive sports program, with all major sports catered for. The emphasis in sport is on participation and enjoyment. Every boy who wants to play can do so, regardless of his ability.

All primary students can participate in the weekly Friday afternoon inter-school sports competition, run through School Sports Victoria against other primary schools in the local area. In addition, we have round-robin style sports days, called Lightning Premierships, where class groups compete against each other in netball, soccer, softball and football. Opportunities also exist for students to compete at Zone, State and National Championships in athletics, cross country and swimming.

Other opportunities

Numerous other co-curricular opportunities exist for primary students, including our drama and dance program. Each primary class also attends a camp as part of their camps program.