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2016 VCE Results

Congratulations to Tom Ponissi, 2016 Dux with 99.50

The 2016 VCE cohort had many wonderful performances from a range of talented, dedicated and well organised students, but none more so than the outstanding Tom Ponissi, our College Dux for 2016.

Tom’s extraordinary ATAR of 99.50 was earned on the back of not one, but two perfect scores of 50 in Media and History: Revolutions. Almost unbelievably, Tom also achieved a study score of 49 in English. Among even the highest performing students at De La Salle, achieving two scores of 50 is a rare feat and one to be treasured. Tom also attained a study score of 42 in Geography, (taken last year as a Year 11 student) and 35 in both Italian and Psychology.

As a lead in Hairspray (the 2016 College musical), Leo’s House Arts Captain and an integral member of the senior debating team Tom certainly made a significant contribution to the wider life of the College.

Tom’s tremendous performance this year should serve as an inspiration to all our students as a shining example of what can be achieved through a motivated, disciplined approach to one’s studies. Attention to detail, clear goals, working closely with his teachers and a healthy balance in academic, co-curricula and social pursuits worked very well for Tom. Congratulations again Tom, not only on your outstanding results but for being a fine role model for peers of all ages.

Read Tom’s heartfelt reflection on his experiences as a ‘De La boy’ here.

Class of 2016 Group Achievements

Across the board, the 2016 VCE group’s achievements were largely consistent with most state averages and our 2015 results. We were very pleased with the top end of results, with 8.11% of students gaining an ATAR of 90 or above, 25% achieving 80 or above and just under 38% of students scoring an ATAR of 70 or above. Furthermore, the percentage of students with an ATAR under 30 continues to decline, well down from 2014. This represents a pattern of improvement from students in this lower band as they respond to various targeted approaches to build achievement.

An initial analysis of the available data reveals a range of evidence. The median study score is 29, with 5.3% of study scores being 40 or above and the median ATAR being 64.18. A more thorough breakdown and analysis of these results in the new academic year will no doubt identify areas for improvement, but also examples of terrific achievement well beyond the raw numbers presented.

In an open-entry, mixed ability school a great deal of attention is given to personalised learning, differentiation and enabling each student to achieve his personal best through a variety of interventions and strategies. It is heart-warming in a Lasallian school to see so many of our young men strive so hard to meet the high expectations and demands teachers place on them. Talented students excelling is always gratifying, but we cannot overlook the achievements of so many students who may not attain a study score in the 40s, but who respond so well to their teachers’ advice and encouragement and whose intrinsic motivation and sheer strength of will leads them to successes well beyond what they envisaged. It is to these young men the next generation of Year 11 and 12 students must look when developing aspirations, searching for role models and setting goals.

Congratulations to all our 2016 students; I know the world will hold many exciting challenges and opportunities for you. Thank you to all the Year 12 teachers; with the benefit of your expertise, example, diligence and encouragement our graduates go out into the world with tremendous experience and wonderful role models.

Mr Peter Houlihan


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